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Changing the Lens 50-minute Youth Prevention Curriculum


Start Here:

Change the Lens Trainers Manual (aligned to Colorado Health Standards)

Definition Terms to Print

Chosen Trailer

Rocky Mountain PBS Traded and Trafficked

Change the Lens PPT Slide Deck

Change the Lens Power Point 

4 Year Plan Human Trafficking Prevention for High Schools: Overview


Additional/ Related Handouts:

  1. Infographic on Trafficking (Shared Hope International)
  2. Take Action Sheet of Ideas (Shared Hope International)
  3. Too Good To Be True (A Face to Reframe)
  4. Parents Preventing Trafficking (A Face to Reframe)
  5. Apps Parents Should Know About (Voices Carry Child Advocacy Center)


Helpful Videos to Learn More:

PSA Sextortion

Hawaii Five-O S7 E19

America’s Daughters


We Need to Fight the New Drug (Porn and the Brain)

The Connection Between Porn and Sex Trafficking

Julie’s Story (Online Relationships)

Ashley’s Story (Sextortion)

Sgt. Dan Steele Ride Along (5 Roles of a Pimp)

An Example of Doing Good: My Half the Sky Coffeeshop

TED Talk: The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks told you 

Obama Signs Law to Ban Imports involving Child or Forced Slave Labor


Additional Resources:

Larimer Anti-Trafficking

Intersection of Domestic Violence and Trafficking (Power & Control Wheel for Trafficking)

High Risk Victim Identification Tool

Human Trafficking in America’s Schools


POWER ART: A Face to Reframe’s 6-week integrated arts program

Power ART Curriculum

Adaptations for Younger Audience