Prevention Training

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We believe sex trafficking can be prevented in many cases. When vulnerable populations learn the categories of exploitation and signs to look for, they are better equipped to protect themselves. Oftentimes, they have already seen signs, and look back with a new lens.

Over the last 3-4 years, we trained thousands of high school students, faculty, parents, and administration to recognize this as a local problem. When equipped to see the ways in which traffickers traffic in their community and empowered to take action, we believe kids can protect themselves.

Out of a desire to protect as many youth as possible, we are making our material available, for free, for the 2019 calendar year. Combined with interactive learning, media, discussion, and calls to action, our curriculum is 50-minutes and aligned to state health standards for high school curriculum.


“I have a friend who just moved in with her older boyfriend.”
“I have heard those lines [from the pimp] before!”
“My friend was recruited by a modeling agency too, but her mom got suspicious.”
“I have a friend who met a guy online and when they met face to face he was like, 58, and he took her to [another state] and sold her for sex until the FBI got involved!”

Typical Student Comments After Our Trainings High School Students