Prevention Training

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We believe sex trafficking can be prevented in many cases. When vulnerable populations learn the categories of exploitation and signs to look for, they are better equipped to protect themselves. Oftentimes, they have already seen signs, and look back with a new lens.

In America today, there is no population more vulnerable than youth. Estimates say that between 100,000-300,000 children are at risk of being commercially sexually exploited each year. The commercial sexual exploitation of children = domestic minor sex trafficking. The 2013 Colorado Project findings indicated a weakness in our State in the area of prevention with those most vulnerable.

Therefore, we offer prevention trainings in Northern Colorado high schools, youth agencies, clubs, etc. Combining interactive learning, media, discussion, and calls to action, our trainings range from 45 – 90 minutes and are aligned to state health standards for high school curriculum.


“I have a friend who just moved in with her older boyfriend.”
“I have heard those lines [from the pimp] before!”
“My friend was recruited by a modeling agency too, but her mom got suspicious.”
“I have a friend who met a guy online and when they met face to face he was like, 58, and he took her to [another state] and sold her for sex until the FBI got involved!”

Typical Student Comments After Our Trainings High School Students

Honestly, I think you were the BEST guest speaker I’ve ever had come in!! Your presentation, passion, attention to detail and delivery had a real impact on my class. We discussed your presentation the following day and they learned so much and were so grateful – for the opportunity and to learn from people like YOU.

Physical Education Department Chair Thompson Valley High School

Past Trainings:

Poudre High School Peers
Fort Collins High School Health Classes
Fort Collins High School Key Club
Fort Collins High School Peers
Child Advocacy Center Lunch and Learn
Thomspons Valley High School Self-Defense Classes
National Junior Charity League
Kiwanis Clubs
Rotary Clubs
Orphan Care Alliance
Thompson School District Lunch and Learn
Thompson Valley High School
Poudre School District Principals
Front Range Community College Class
Poudre School District School Resource Officers
Poudre High School Service Learning Academy
Poudre Community Academy
Poudre School District Early Childhood
Poudre School District Mental Health
Domestic Abuse Intervention and Prevention Project
United Methodist Women’s Group
Life for the Innocent
Fossil Ridge High School Peers
Colorado State University “Impacts of Domestic HT”
Polaris High School Peers
Longmont High School Self-Defense Classes
National Resources Research Center Lunch and Learn
Colorado Early Colleges Middle School

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