Power Art

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Power Art is an arts-integrated program of at least 6 modules aimed at exposing, educating, equipping, and empowering teens to know their risks and assets in dealing with violence against youth, particularly sex trafficking, thereby preventing the likelihood they will face it themselves.

Desired Outcomes:
1. Youth are given a safe place within which to strengthen interpersonal skills such as healthy communication, self-reflection, and social interaction with peers.

2. Youth learn through art about personal rights, healthy boundaries, healthy relationships, overall dignity, and the risks and realities of sex trafficking. Exposed and Educated.

3. Youth become participants in discussions and artistic expression of issues related to sex trafficking. They are empowered to think creatively, critically, and constructively about their own story. As a result, they are given the language and framework to become peer influencers. Equipped and Empowered.

4. Each module produces a finished product to be exhibited or performed, offering celebration of achievement and advocacy of their voice.

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