Participatory Art

Participatory art inverts the power paradigm, allowing participants to be authors rather than subjects of the images used to represent the issues they face. It is a process in which youth are neither consumers of art nor individual artists, but co-creators and collaborators in pieces which advocate and educate about particular issues.

PhotoVoice Projects

Photovoice (participatory photography) implies that the agenda and power is in the hands of the participant rather than the agency or organization working with the community in which the participant resides.

Rooted in documentary photography and photojournalism, participatory photography acknowledges that there is a lack of information coming from the powerless and disadvantaged (Jurkowski, 2008).

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Power Art

Power Art Image2

Power Art is an innovative sex trafficking prevention curriculum for youth. We’ve integrated 6 art mediums into the exposure, education, equipping and empowering of participants. Designed for artists and non-creative facilitators alike, this 6 module program walks you through everything you need to know to build resiliency and help prevent the youth you serve from being sex trafficked.

We are currently piloting the program in various settings. Contact us if you are interested in piloting the curriculum or to learn more.

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