A Face To Reframe History

Founder Beth Bruno encountered human trafficking and photography for social change in 2007 through the documentary, Born Into Brothels. Through her Master’s thesis, she studied participatory photography and piloted her first project with youth living with disabilities in Turkey. Upon graduation in 2009, she launched A Face to Reframe. We received 501(c)3 status in 2011.

Our original mission was to reframe with dignity those who are marginalized through community partnerships and participatory photography. We facilitated projects with those living with HIV/AIDS, youth living on the streets in exploitative situations, youth classified as at-risk by DHS or the Juvenile Court System, and youth living with disabilities in Turkey. We spent several years gaining valuable experience in the use of photography for individual and community change.

In 2013 we began to include other art forms in our projects with youth and found the common language of creativity to be powerful. We piloted our POWER ART curriculum, an integrated arts sex trafficking prevention program for youth. We confirmed that prevention programs for human trafficking are a growing need in our nation and the use of arts a meaningful way of communicating key information.

In 2015 we expanded our programs to include human trafficking prevention trainings and more intentional community building around this issue.